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Roles for Talent Management

Roles help delegate employee permissions within the Talent Management System.

Navigating to the Employee Profile
  • From Talent Management, click Account Admin from the menu near the top-right.


  • Click Edit for the employee to view their profile.


  • The Details tab should be the initial tab you see when viewing the employee profile. Click the Roles tab.


Standard Roles

Roles are employee permissions within the system. When assigning roles, it is possible to select multiple roles. The roles listed below are default in the system.



Role is unnecessary to assign to everyone.

  • Access to courses assigned to them
  • View past course history through transcript
  • Access to all courses in the catalog, UNLESS a catalog restriction is applied to a course for only certain Locations, Departments or Groups
  • Submit historical course and certification information for approval by the manager and training admin


  • Same access as Employee
  • Can assign training, certifications, learning plans, and historical courses to direct reports
  • Can view and edit course roster for direct reports
  • Can view an employee transcript of direct AND indirect reports
  • Can approve training, learning plans, certifications, and historical courses

Instructor (LMS)

  • When assigned to a course/class an instructor can do the following:
    • Create and edit a class
    • Manage the class by printing out a roster, managing completion status
    • Email employees enrolled in the class
    • Manage the waitlist if turned on at the class level

Training Admin

  • Access to everything
  • Access to LMS Admin tab in LMS Module
  • Ability to approve certifications and historical courses for employees
  • Has access to the Account Admin section
  • Has access to the Reports Module
  • Does not give any additional roles/permissions for Performance, Only LMS

Training Report Viewer

  • Previously known as Report Viewer
  • Allows the user access to the following reports if added to their company in the SysAdmin > Talent Reports area:
    • Certifications by Location
    • Assigned required courses by Location
    • Complete training by Company Location
    • Certification by business unit
    • Assigned required courses by business unit
    • Complete training report by business unit
  • The user will see Employee information for anyone they are assigned to as a Manager, or any Employees who are part of a Business Unit they are assigned to as a Business Unit Controller (if applicable).
    • *Note: Any user who is not a Manager or business unit controller and is given the Training Report Viewer role would not see any data in the reports if added to the company.

360 Manager

  • Access to “Manager Tools” menu in the 360 Evaluations Module

360 Admin

  • Access to “360 Admin” menu in the 360 Evaluations Module
  • Can assign out 360 Evaluations, create projects, and specify rater relationships

360 Report Viewer

  • Not tied to reports

Evaluation Manager

  • Adds the Manager Tools Tab in the Evaluations Module
    • Approval Queue
    • Manage Goals & View Goals
    • Assign Evaluation
    • Notes
  • If a user with this role has direct reports, they will only be able to see approvals and goals and assign evaluations to their direct reports only.

Evaluation Admin

  • Adds the Performance Admin Tab in the Evaluations Module
    • Add/Edit Evaluations
    • Schedule Evaluations
    • Add/Edit Competencies

Evaluation Report Viewer

  • Not tied to reports

LMS Administrator

  • Access to “LMS Admin” menu in the LMS Module
  • Can create/edit and assign out certifications to all users
  • Can add new courses into the system
  • Can Require/Recommend Courses to all users
  • Can Add Course Exemptions
  • Can Manage employee course history for all employees
  • Can create/edit and assign out learning plans
  • Can add Instructors and Classrooms

Populating the import file with TRUE for a manager will automatically assign the Manager role to an employee. This allows additional access to the system, such as, being able to assign Courses or Performance Reviews. A manager is only able to do this for their direct reports. If an employee should not be assigned the Manager role, the column details should equal FALSE.

The LMS Administrator role allows users to manage the LMS components of the system without having access to the Account set-up screens.

Restricted LMS Admin role (custom role permission):


  • Activate/Deactivate Courses in the Catalog
  • Create Classes
  • Create Courses
  • Create or Edit Instructors

Custom Roles


See Custom Roles to create and assign new roles to an employee.

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