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How to Share and Track Your Job Posting to an Outside/External Resource from the ATS

When posting your position on a job board or page outside the applicant tracking system, you are able to add in the job/application page URL directing candidates to your application process and change the application source to track where your candidates are applying from.

If you would like information on sharing a job posting through social media, you can refer to the following dedicated article.

Navigating to a Job Profile
  • While logged in to the Applicant Tracking System, click Jobs from the top menu.


  • While viewing the jobs table, click the job title under the "Job Title" column.


  • At the top of the job profile will be your job candidates, the accordions below will show details of the job posting, and the right-side will show additional job information.


  1. Click the Application Page hyperlink under External Links.
    • You can use the job page instead if you want applicants to view the job description before applying.
  2. A new tab will open with the first step of the application process.

  3. Copy the URL from the URL bar.


  4. Paste the URL into the page of the external resource or insert the link.
  5. Change the source code within the URL from "ccp" to the external source that you would like to track. In our example below, we are wanting to track applicants from Craigslist. 
    Original ccp
    Example for Craigslist craigslist
  6. Copy the entire URL after changing the source code and paste the URL into the apply source of the job board you are posting your position. 
    • Instead of directing candidates to an email or another source, they will apply to your application and land in your job posting and candiadte pool of your ATS. 
  7. The 'Apply Source' from the 'Contact Info' of a job candidate will show where they applied from.

    ATS - Jobs - Candidate Details - 01.png

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