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How to Separate Employees With Their Category in AccountLinx

Categories in ExakTime Connect can be used in AccountLinx to separate employees into their respective categories on your employee list. This is best used for different categories of employees (field employees, administration, etc.) or for different divisions/companies (Company A employees, Company B employees, etc.). Doing so will allow you to quickly select the employees of a given category for exporting purposes instead of needing to select them individually.

 Re-Enabled For New Installations

This setting to separate employees based on their employee category is a local computer setting and must be re-enabled on new installations of AccountLinx.

  Additional Information

If you have not set up your employees with an employee category, you can refer to In-Depth: Categories

  • Go to Tools and click on Options.


  • In the Options window, click on the Time & Attendance tab.


  • Enable the option "Group employees by category on the time card screen" and click OK at the bottom.


  • When you return to the main AccountLinx page, there will be a brief pause while AccountLinx reloads the employee list with the employees separated based on their employee category.


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