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Enabling "View Who Is Clocked In" for ExakTime Mobile

The "View Who is Clocked In" permission for ExakTime Mobile allows your managers/supervisors to:

  • View who has used the device in hand to clock in. This is best used when multiple employees are sharing a phone/tablet to clock in on. 
    • For example, the supervisor can begin the workday by having a short Jobsite meeting to go over tasks to be completed, reminders, etc. The supervisor will have the employees clock in on the shared device and pass it to each other throughout the meeting. At the end of the meeting when the supervisor receives the shared device back, he can see how many employees have clocked in on his tablet to make sure that everyone is present. If the number of employees is lower than expected, he can check to see who has not clocked in on the tablet. 
    • This is not intended for a supervisor to view employees that have clocked in on other devices. For example, if Employee A clocks in on their personal phone and the supervisor checks his tablet to see who has clocked in, the supervisor will not see Employee A listed on the tablet as they used a different device to clock in on. 
  • View where employees were when they clocked in through Team View.
    • For example, the supervisor can see where employees were when they clocked in on ExakTime Mobile if they have GPS associated with their clock in.

Enabling "View Who is Clocked In"

  • Go to Manage and click Security Roles.


  • The ExakTime Mobile tab should already be selected. Select the existing ExakTime Mobile security role or create a new security role that needs to be able to view who has clocked in.


  • Enable "Who is clocked in".


  • Save your changes.

Viewing Who Is Clocked In Locally

After your employees have clocked in on ExakTime Mobile, the supervisor will be able to log in to the shared device and check how many people have used it to clock in at the bottom of the clock in screen. 

Tapping the "X employees clocked in" indicator will list the employees that have clocked in. The listing of employees will clear itself after 12 hours, but this does not mean the employees are auto-clocked out, just that they are no longer listed. From this list, the supervisor can clock out employees.


Viewing Who Is Clocked In Via Team View

The Team View aspect to the "View Who Is Clocked In" allows your users to view where other employees were when they clocked in to ExakTime Mobile.

  • From the Time Clock section of ExakTime Mobile, the user will clock the Team View option. For Android, this is found near the top of ExakTime Mobile. For iOS, this is found near the bottom of ExakTime Mobile.


  • From Team View, the user can click the magnifying glass to view a list of employees currently clocked in with GPS data. Clicking the employee's name will jump you to the employee and their position at the time of clocking in.


Additional Considerations

For an employee to be shown in Team View, they must meet the following criteria. If they are lacking in any aspect, they may not be listed in Team View:

  • The employee must be currently clocked in
  • The employee must have GPS information at the time of their clock in.
  • The employee’s mobile device must have cellular/internet data at the time of clock in to send their GPS information.
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