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Can I Change/Switch My AccountLinx Exporter?

When using AccountLinx to help expedite your payroll process, you may need to switch to alternate accounting/payroll applications for a couple of reasons. This can be due to using multiple different applications for record keeping/payroll processing or moving from one application to another at the end of the fiscal year. One of the concerns from many of our customers doing this is if it is okay to switch between exporters, primarily if the mappings are preserved

In either scenario, you are generally able to switch back and forth between AccountLinx exporters and preserve the mappings for both. As the mapping data for each exporter is stored independently of each other, there is generally no concern for the loss of any mappings. Where this can be tricky is if you need to export to multiple company files, but with the same exporter the mapping data may be different between the two company files and we can only store one set of mapping data. The following article goes over this type of situation and what is possible when exporting to multiple company files.

If you are unsure about switching to a different AccountLinx exporter, feel free to contact us with the "Request Support" link at the top of the page with your concerns. 

Possible Scenarios

Switching to a New Application

If your company has been using QuickBooks for your accounting/payroll, but needs to move to Sage 100 starting January 1st, you may want some time to set up and test Sage 100, but need to continue using QuickBooks for payroll. You can freely switch between the exporters during this period and there should be no trouble. 

Using Two Different Applications

If you need to track your time data in two different applications/systems, you are still able to switch between different AcocuntLinx exporters. The only thing to be mindful of is that you would need to re-export the time records as the records are normally hidden after being exported to prevent duplicate exports. For more information about resetting your exported records, you can refer to the following article.

Possible Concerns

As we cannot take into account every scenario possible, there may be some scenarios that introduce trouble. Some common ones are listed below:

Reset Exported Records

As noted above, you may need to reset your exported records If you are needing to export your records to two different applications as exported records are generally hidden to prevent duplicate exports. For more information about resetting your exported records, you can refer to the following article.

Integration Option Removing or Replacing Mappings

Integration is an option in AccountLinx where your mappings will match the equivalent ExakTime Connect entity IDs to prevent duplicate data entry. While this is useful when using a single accounting/payroll application, this can be troublesome when using two different accounting/payroll applications as the mapping and IDs may be different between the two. Integration should be disabled to prevent the possibility of the mappings for an exporter being replaced by the mapping/IDs intended for another exporter.

Expand for Steps on Disabling Integration in AccountLinx

The integration option for AccountLinx must be turned off/on for all copies of AccountLinx in use in the office to ensure consistency.

  • Go to Tools and click Options.


  • Click the Integration tab.


  • Disabled the integration(s) as needed.


  • Save your changes.
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