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Export Error for QuickBooks: Object Specified In The Request Could Not Be Found

When exporting from QuickBooks, you can rarely receive the following error that prevents a time record from being exported.

QuickBooks Error: Object specified in the request cannot be found.


What Causes the Error?

This error is generally due to an entity being mapped with an employee, customer/job, service item, etc. from a different QuickBooks company file.

When mapping an entity with its QuickBooks equivalent, we are looking at and using hidden IDs called a GUID (global unique identifier) for mapping. These GUIDs are rarely seen as we typically show you the name of the entity, but if QuickBooks does not recognize a GUID, it will not be able to provide the name associated to a GUID and AccountLinx will instead show the hidden ID.

Normally, if AccountLinx sees that you are connecting to a different QuickBooks company file since AccountLinx was last used, AccountLinx will provide a warning that you are connecting to a different company file and that moving forward will remove any mappings, to have you remap your entities, and prevent errors like above.

If you have enabled the option to preserve mappings as you move between different company files like in the example below, the mappings will be saved, regardless if the GUID is recognized or not. By saving the GUID, even if they are from different company files, it can result in the export error like above as QuickBooks does not recognize the GUID that we are referring to. 


How Can I Fix It?

This situation is common when you are wanting to export to multiple company files or if you are transitioning to a new company file as the GUIDs from one company file is not recognized in another:

  • If you commonly export to multiple company files, it may be important to check that you are exporting the data to the correct company file. If the wrong QuickBooks company file is open, then you will close AccountLinx, open the correct QuickBooks company file, then reopen AccountLinx to try to export again.
  • If you are connecting to the correct company file, then the data may need to be remapped to the correct entity in the company file. When mapping the data, you should see a series of numbers which are the GUIDs that AccountLinx and the current QuickBooks company file do not recognize. This is the entity that needs to be remapped if you are exporting the data related to the entity.


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