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Setting Up ExakTime Mobile for Kiosk Use

ExakTime Mobile can be set up to function like a kiosk or standard Jobclock allowing you to control where employees clock in/out. This configuration works well for employees who clock in/out at an office or specific location and don't require the ability to change locations.


  • Employees can only clock in/out on specific devices at the designated location(s).
  • Unless moved manually, this ensures the employee was onsite when making the punch


  • Employees must be at these designated locations to clock in limiting flexibility if the employees need to clock in/out away from a designated location.
  • App is limited to a selection until changed by user with admin or equivalent access to the app

To use ExakTime Mobile in this manner, you'll need to:

  1. Set up a tablet or mobile device with ExakTime Connect
  2. Set a Default Location/Cost Code linking the tablet to the specified Location and/or Cost Code
  3. Set Mobile Settings to reflect communal use

Enabling a Device with ExakTime Mobile

  • To setup ExakTime Mobile, you will need the Company Setup Code (12-digit alphanumerical code typically highlighted in yellow) which can be found in ExakTime Connect. It can be found in the following pages:
    • When you first sign in on your Dashboard, it will be shown like below:


    • If you go to Manage>Mobile Devices, you can see the company setup code highlighted in yellow


  • Search for and install ExakTime Mobile from the App Store (if using iOS) or the Play Store (if on Android).


  • After it has been downloaded and installed, open ExakTime Mobile to begin the set up process.
  • Press I Have A Company Setup Code.


  • Enter the company setup code that was provided by your ExakTime Connect administrator and a name for the device (e.g. John's Phone or Office Tablet.) Click Setup when ready.
    • Make this name unique; some but not all devices will allow you to rename the device without reinstalling the app. It's best to choose wisely.


  • Once ExakTime Mobile has been set up, you will be brought to a number pad where you will enter the PIN provided by your ExakTime Connect administrator. After entering your PIN, press the arrow in the bottom right to log in.
    • If you see a red X when trying to log in, please try again. If you are still having trouble, please contact your ExakTime Connect administrator and confirm that the PIN that you should be using.


  • If you are able to reach a screen similar to this, you are logged in to ExakTime Mobile and ready to begin tracking your time.


Setting Up a Default Location/Cost Code

When using ExakTime Mobile, it will let your employees select their location and/or cost code if there is more than one available. If you need to set up a copy of ExakTime Mobile to use a single location and/or cost code when clocking in, you can set up a default location and/or cost code for any employee clocking in for themselves. To set this up, you will need to use the PIN for an employee/user that can edit ExakTime Mobile permissions.

  • Press the three lines in the top left of ExakTime Mobile to show the menu and press Settings.



  • If using an iOS device, you will press on Locations or Cost Code then press Default. If using Android, you can scroll down to the Location or Cost Code sections and press Default for the appropriate option.


  • Enable the Default Location or Cost Code and specify the location or cost code to be used.


  • The next time an employee clocks in on the device, it will use the default location and/or cost code set.

Adjusting Mobile Settings

Mobile Settings allow you to manage all the settings for all of your ExakTime Mobile devices from within ExakTime Connect. Any settings made within "Mobile Settings" will overwrite any settings changed manually on ExakTime Mobile.

To access Mobile Settings, you would click on Manage and click on Mobile Settings.


To enable the option, click the button for "Manage Settings for all Employee Devices" on.


From here, there are two options you'll want to make sure are enabled:

Automatically send time records after clocking in or out

  • ExakTime Mobile will attempt to send any records to ExakTime Connect immediately after they are made.

Automatically log out after clocking in or out

  • After an employee clocks in or out, the app will return to the number pad to allow the next user to enter their PIN and repeat the process.

In the event mobile settings need to set on an individual device basis, leave "Manage Settings for all Employee Devices" turned off and access the settings above on the device specificaly by going into ExakTime Mobile, signing in with a pin connected to someone with Administrator level permissions, then in the app's menu, go to Settings>General. 

That's it; the tablet/mobile device should be set to be used as a kiosk or stationary device for people to punch in/out. 

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