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Enabling Permission to Navigate to/from a Location with ExakTime Mobile

When using ExakTime Mobile, your employees can use it to get driving directions to or from a location as long as there are an address/GPS coordinates. This can be done through SiteHub or by having permission to Add Locations. SiteHub would be recommended for the average employee while Add Locations should be for supervisors/administrators.

Enabling Permission

  • Go to Manage and click Security Roles.


  • Under the ExakTime Mobile tab, you would select the security role to adjust or create a new one to assign.


  • Enable SiteHub and/or Locations under the appropriate sections.


  • Press Save. Your employee will need to sync their copy of ExakTime Mobile so they receive these updated permissions.

What your employees will do

Your employees can refer to the following dedicated article for steps on what to do. The steps can also be found in the Help section of ExakTime Mobile.

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