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Using System Guided Dispositioning for the ATS

System Guide Dispositioning provides your users with an alternative process for changing a candidate's stage and/or disposition. System Guided Dispositioning must first be enabled from the User Maintenance page for a User.

Enabling System Guided Dispositioning

System Guided Dispositioning will only appear for users that have the option enabled. You can refer to the following article on how to enable the option for a user. 

Using System Guided Dispositioning

  1. Go to Jobs in the ATS.


  2. Click the title for the job posting.


  3. Click the ATS_-_Plus_Icon_-_00.png plus icon to view additional information about the candidate.


  4. After reviewing the candidate's information, click the ATS_-_Minus_Icon_-_00.png minus icon to minimize the information and start 'System Guided Dispositioning'.


  5. The 'System Guided Dispositioning' pop-up will appear to be complete. Click Save Changes when finished.


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