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Guide to Acknowledgements for Courses

Enabling a Required Acknowledgement will allow knowledge base documents to be presented and acknowledged by employees after completing a course.

It’s best to create the acknowledgment prior to creating the course

Adding an Acknowledgement Document

  1. If not already there, click the module navigation button and go to Knowledge Base.


  2. You should see a list of your current knowledge base resources.


  3. Press Add Document.


  4. Name the document, provide a Description, then click Upload Document Note: For Spanish, a separate document will need to be created.


  5. Press Save.

Adding Acknowledgement to Course

  1. Click the module navigation button and go to Learning Management.


  2. From the menu bar, click LMS Admin, click Courses, then click Add New Course.


  3. Follow the steps to create the course. For additional information, you can refer to How to Add a New Course.
  4. Expand the Acknowledgement expandable dropdown at the bottom of page.


  5. Toggle Require acknowledgment to 'Yes'. Additional fields will appear that you can fill out.


  6. Search for the new Knowledge Base document under Search for Document.


  7. Adjust the acknowledgment fields as needed such as requiring a signature or adjusting the acknowledgment text.
  8. Press Save.

Completing an Acknowledgement

  1. After a student completes an online training, attends an instructor-led course, or completes a course that requires acknowledgment, they will see the status as ‘Incomplete (Pending Acknowledgement)’.


  2. Click Open to go to the Acknowledgement Page.


  3. On the page, they will see the acknowledgment document, an acknowledgment statement, and an area to provide their signature if needed.


  4. After they’ve completed this, the record for this course will be 'Completed'.
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