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Courses: Manage Course History

Employees, Managers, and Admins can add in the employee history information. When added by an employee, the manager and training Administrator will need to approve. Managers can also view the employee course history (transcript) from here or under the People by selecting the employee to view. This is a great place to add in any historical courses an employee might have taken before joining your organization, or taken off-site.

  1. Select the employee(s), employees selected will appear below to see the following information: Student name, course, status, completion date, grade, and duration. (See note at the end of this page for more information on selecting employees)
  2. Delete - a manager can delete a course record by selecting the Delete option under the Action column, all the way to the right.
  3. Select Add New, to enter in a new item for the selected employee(s).
  4. *Select the Course Title, created by the Admin, and what shows up within the course catalog. Select Add New Course, if course is not listed in the drop-down, then add title in next box.
  5. *Add Course Title - This will automatically populate with the selected course from the course title. If Add New Course was selected, add in the new title.
  6. *Completed Date - date of when the employee completed the course.
  7. Grade - if applicable, usually a percentage, but can be a letter grade too.
  8. *Training Type - the list is created by the Admin, select the appropriate option.
  9. Cost - if there was a cost associated with the course.
  10. Provider - if there was a third-party provider who provided the training.
  11. Duration - added in Hours and Minutes, only if adding in a course not already in the catalog. Whatever hours are assigned to the course within the catalog, will auto-populate the Duration field.
  12. Select Save and the Training Administrator will need to approve.
  13. Once the course is assigned, the employee will receive an email notification and the course will be added to their My Training History within the LMS.

*Required Fields

Selecting Employees: Quickly identify one or more employees by using the type-ahead search or filtering by category. Categories available include: Manager, Location, Business Unit, Job Code, Group, and Department. Make selections, then click Save.

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