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Adding Acknowledgements to your Courses

1. As an admin, you are able to add an acknowledgment to a course OR create a course where the main purpose is to have your employees acknowledge a new policy, document, etc. This is a fantastic tool if there is a new policy each year you must require employees to sign off on or after they review a training video or course they must acknowledge they comprehend the content.

2. First, it would probably be best to create at training type around this course type. Below are names that have been used, however this is unique to your organization! Or, if this is tied to an online course or video you can use your existing training types. To add training types you need to go to Account Admin -> LMS Setup -> Training Types a. Policy Acknowledgments, Training Acceptance Forms are common training types.

Step 1

As an admin, go to LMS -> LMS Admin -> Courses -> Add new course

Step 2

Once you determine what training type this is, you will want to create a course title, description, and any other fields you would like to track (duration, categories, etc)


Step 3

Once you determine what type of course this is, you may need to put something in the launch button URL area. This could be a powerpoint, video, etc. The launch button URL is made for training type that is not instructor led (does not require employees to go somewhere to take their course) and not an online training type (SCORM 1.2, AICC, Tincan). For a full list of acceptable online content please as your Customer Success Manager or the Customer Care Team.

-If a launch button URL, see where to add


-If NO content is needed, the purpose of the course is for your employees to sign a new policy this CAN be left blank

Step 4

Assign the necessary policy.

On the course creation page, navigate to the bottom of the page. There will be an Acknowledgment tab. You must change the toggle to Yes.


Here you can decide what type of signature you would like for your employees to enter. You can have a combination of both, one or the other, or none.

The, you must select the policy. The document does have to be a PDF and also loaded into your knowledge base to be able to be selected. The knowledge base can be found under your Module Menu in the right hand corner.


If this policy is being added to an Online Course where there is a passing score, you can decide if you would like to require an acknowledgement after a Failed Course / Class.

If you want to update the verbiage that will show on the acknowledgment screen, you can type above or just use the default text

Step 5

This can ignore if the policy is being tied to an OLT or ILT Course.

Since we need to track who now needs to review this new policy, the autocomplete feature must be turned on. This can be found under Advanced Settings of the course creation.


Once your employees are enrolled in the course or assigned the course, they will be required to review the acknowledgement before this course is added to their training history.



Your employees will select open & sign.


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