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Managing Business Units for Onboarding

Business Units require an additional purchase to be enabled and set up for your Onboarding account. For more information, please contact your sales rep/account manager.

Business Units allow you to customize for Onboarding allows you to specify the settings for your respective business units to provide a unique experience. This ranges from what is required of your new hires when completing their paperwork to the names used for email notifications.

We offer a video training for this topic on Training Central here.

Navigating to Business Units
  • Check that you are in the parent company with the drop-down menu towards the top-left.

    ATS - Business Units - Company Selector - 00.png

  • Click Administration from the top menu bar of Onboarding.


  • In the Administration menu, 'Business Unit' should be the first tab selected.

    ONB - Business Units - Menu - 00.png

Table of Contents

Business Units

The Business Units tab will allow you to customize the settings for a respective business unit. 

ONB - Business Units - 00.png

The 'Business Units' tab will offer the following columns populated with the settings from the Business Unit:

  • ID
  • Name
  • Federal EIN
  • Age Threshold
  • E-Verify Client #
  • Tax Break Client #
  • Has Tax Break?
  • Has Training Rate?
  • Has Pay Cards?
  • Has Direct Deposit?
  • Years to Keep Employee Records

Managing Business Unit Settings

  1. Click the ... button under the Action column.

    ONB - Business Units - Actions - 01.png

  2. A menu will appear for you to make any desired changes. More information about the available fields is detailed in the following article.

    ONB - Business Units - Settings - 03.png

  3. Click Save when finished.

Notification Emails

Email templates can refer to the Company (parent) name or the business unit (child) with the appropriate mail merge fields.

  1. Click the Notification tab.


  2. Click Add Notification.


  3. Select the Process Step from the drop-down menu:
    • New Hire Setup - Also referred to as the Welcome Email and is sent to the new hire's email address. Will trigger when the employee is added to Onboarding either manually or through the Applicant Tracking System.
    • Onboarding Complete - Used to notify individuals that a new hire has completed their Onboarding, such as an Admin.
    • Manager Notification of Pending Paperwork - Used to notify the Manager that a New Hire has completed their portion of the Onboarding paperwork and it is pending completion.
    • New Hire Reminder - Used to remind the new hire that they have yet to complete or submit their new hire paperwork.
    • Hiring Manager Reminder - Used to remind the hiring manager to complete their process.


  4. Use the checkbox for "Custom Notification" to customize the email subject and body.
    • Mail merge options will be available to refer to the business unit or company names to provide a clearer distinction. Use options from the mail merge drop-down to auto-fill certain items based on either existing information or user-filled information. Mail merge fields must be inserted from the drop-down menu. Manually typing mail merge code will not function properly. 


  5. If using "New Hire Reminder" or "Hiring Manager Reminder", select the frequency to be used (e.g. Daily, Every 2 Days, Weekly)


  6. Select the notification recipients (e.g. Email New Hire, Email Hiring Manager, Email HR Admin)


  7. Enter any emails of additional recipients (separate emails with a semicolon).


  8. Click Add.


New Hire Experience

The New Hire Experience is currently shared amongst all your business units. Because of this, it may be best to create a generic new hire experience appropriate for all business units. The new hire experience allows you to provide documents and informational videos to your new hires, but does not require your new hires to view them. If there is anything you want to require your new hires to view, you should use the Policies for Onboarding.

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