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Getting Up to Speed with ExakTime

Commonly referred to as ExakTime, ExakTime Connect is our primary cloud-based time-tracking software with supplemental software, like ExakTime Mobile or AccountLinx, and hardware, such as JobClocks. As there are multiple aspects and functions of the ExakTime system, we have detailed them below to provide you with a better understanding of an established system. 

Some features/functions listed in this article may not be enabled for your ExakTime Account. If you are interested in a feature that is not offered by default, please consult your account manager. 

If you need to set up your ExakTime Connect account from scratch, you should instead refer to the following guide as this guide is intended for an account that has already been set up to an extent.

How Does ExakTime Work?


  • ExakTime Connect - The primary website for ExakTime Connect that allows you to manage how some other aspects of the ExakTime system function and review your employees' time. Officially, we do not have a recommended browser; however, users have found Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to be preferable.
  • ExakTime Mobile - Our iOS/Android app that allows your employees to track their time, review their time, and more.
  • AccountLinx/SyncLinx - These applications are used to import key data from supported accounting/payroll packages and export time data into the same accounting/payroll packages.
  • JobClock Hardware - Rugged time clocks that allow your employees to clock in/out with a simple keytab.
  • SyncCenter - A Windows application that allows you to sync your FastTrakker Pro, if in use.

Minimum Requirements for Use

Like other software, there are minimum requirements that must be met to use the system. The following article provides a detailed breakdown to use ExakTime Connect, AccountLinx/SyncLinx, and/or ExakTime Mobile

Accessing ExakTime Connect

Accessing ExakTime Connect must be done through your company's unique URL. Typical formats for company URLs are where "yourcompanyname" could be anything and would have been specified during setup. URLs directly access the login page which requires a username and password. There should always be at least one administrative login available; ExakTime Connect attempts to actively prevent the deactivation of admins unless done so by another administrator to avoid situations in which there are no admins for ExakTime.

If you do not have login credentials, an ExakTime Connect Administrator (users with Administrator permissions within the software) or someone with equivalent permissions within your company will need to log in, create an employee entry for you, and grant you permission to access ExakTime Connect. 

See the following guides for using Security Roles, giving access, and creating additional administrators:

ExakTime Connect

Menu Bar

Menu Bar Raw.png

Navigation throughout ExakTime Connect is done through the menu bar located towards the top of the page. The menu bar may have different options depending on your ExakTime Connect permissions and features enabled for your ExakTime Connect account. 


Consider this to be your company at a glance. The Dashboard page provides you:

  • Employees Currently Clocked In and Locations List - A ticker that shows how many employees are clocked in. This number updates based on the number of IN punches that exist on the Time Cards for the given day that do not have corresponding OUT punches. Beneath it, you can flip through Locations to see who is clocked in.
  • Company Setup Code - Used for activating ExakTime Mobile and SyncCenter.
  • Field Notes - Recent Field Notes that have synced from devices in the field.
  • System Status - Lets you know when we may be undergoing maintenance or experiencing service disruptions.
  • Favorite Reports - section if you need to quickly run a report you've marked as favorite
  • Quick Add Links - Links to quickly add Employees, Locations, and other entities without having to navigate to the Manage lists.
  • Support - Links to our self-help guides.

Time Cards

ETC - Menu - Time Cards - 01.png

This section lets you view time record data in line item format.

  • My Time Card - Displays the time card of the user currently signed in. Similar to the Time Card Detail page, this provides an in-depth look at the time record information including daily and date range totals. Generally used by field employees to review and approve their time, if enabled.
  • Time Card Summary - Provides an overview of the Time Cards at a glance. Also shows any time punches that have been quarantined due to Time Card Approvals or Closed Pay Periods. 
  • Time Card Detail - An in-depth look at time records for all employees. Your employee's time cards can also be supposed by your locations to focus on specific people. 
  • Bulk Time Entry Use bulk time entry to add a single time record to multiple employees. You can edit or remove the time on individual employee time cards after adding. 

Time Off*

ETC - Menu - Time Off - 00.png

Time Off allows you to set up how your employees accrue time off and submit time off requests.

  • Time Off Plans - Set up the accrual methods for your employees and which employees are eligible for the accrual methods.
  • Time Off Requests - Submit and/or grant time off requests.

For additional information on Time Off, see the following dedicated article.

* = Not available by default


ETC - Menu - Schedules - 01.png

Hub for all things related to the Scheduling system.

  • Today's Schedules - See who is scheduled for today separated by those who clocked in early, on time, late, or never showed up. 
  • My Schedule - Show scheduled shifts assigned to the logged-in User
  • Manage Schedules - Add, edit, or delete schedules for Employees

For additional information on Schedules, see the following dedicated article.

* = Not available by default


ExakTime Connect features a wide bevy of Reports at your disposal to pull information in a reader-friendly format. This can be anything from a report that lists all the active employees for a given date range to an in-depth breakdown of an employee's time records for a whole year.

For more information regarding reports, please refer to the following dedicated article.


ETC - Menu - Manage - 17.png

Hub for managing nearly all facets of ExakTime Connect functionality. Here you can add, edit, and deactivate Employees, Locations, Cost Codes, Security Roles, and many other entities. For more information on the following items, see the guides below:

  • Employees, Locations, & Cost Codes - Manage the basic entities needed for time tracking 
  • Equipment - Manage equipment tracking
  • Mobile Devices - View all copies of ExakTime Mobile that have been set up with your account. 
  • Mobile Settings - Adjust the settings for ExakTime Mobile. 
  • JobClocks - Main page for assigning Jobclocks and checking battery status for each clock that sends in data
  • Categories - Create categories for organizing information within ExakTime Connect
  • Groups - Create and assign groups for organizing information within ExakTime Mobile
  • Custom Fields - Manage additional user-defined fields for fine-tuning information in ExakTime Connect
  • Policies - Adjust, create, or delete Policy Groups for employees to regulate Overtime, Midnight Splits, and other settings
  • Shift Pay Codes - Manage shift specific pay codes.
  • Company Settings - Define several options that affect your ExakTime Connect system including timezones and default preferences
  • Security Roles (ExakTime Connect & ExakTime Mobile) - Define roles that allow or restrict access to ExakTime Connect or ExakTime Mobile while assigning what functions are available to them.
  • Licensing - Review active user allotment


ETC - Menu - Tools 2023 - 00.png

A set of utilities that may not always be needed for completing payroll, but are useful for company housekeeping.

  • Map View - Show punches on a map based on their coordinates as well as GeoTrakker crumbs.
  • Field Notes - A grid view showing all synced Field Notes
  • ExakTime Forms Viewer - View Employee Form responses for a given date range
  • Time Card Form Response Selector The form response selector allows you to choose the ExakTime form questions you want available in the column manager for time card views. Questions that are available in the column manager can be added to the time card grid. Employee responses to the questions are displayed along with clock in and out information.
  • Alerts and Notifications* - Send custom alerts and notifications to your employees via SMS, Email, or push notifications to ExakTime Mobile.
  • Alerts and Notifications Dashboard* - View a history of alerts/notifications sent through ExakTime. 
  • Expenses - Manage and view expenses.
  • Import - CSV importer for adding Employees, Locations, and Cost Codes
  • Import History - View the status history of previous imports.
  • Collection Details - A detailed activity log complete with a list of recently synced devices and punches as well as unedited times and JobClock Collection dates.

* = Not available by default


ETC - Menu - Help - 00.png

  • Getting Started - A quick link to our "Getting Started" help guide
  • Support Site - A link to the landing page to Support Central, our primary location for articles, videos, and more to help you.
  • Remote Assistance - A tool for getting connected to a Tech Support when they prompt for remoting into your machine
  • System Status - System status page to stay update with any service disruptions
  • Privacy Policy - A link to the ExakTime Privacy Policies detailing how we use collected information

ExakTime Mobile

ExakTime Mobile is our smartphone solution to the standard Clocking IN/OUT process allowing employees to make punches while on the go and sync to ExakTime Connect directly from their phone. It's best to think of this as a mobile JobClock rather than a mobile version of ExakTime Connect, although they do share some similar functionalities. We've added several new features to ExakTime Mobile like the ability to see Time Cards and enter expenses directly from the device.

For Information on how ExakTime Mobile functions, you can refer to the following dedicated article.



To help with exporting information from ExakTime Connect and importing it into your accounting package, we offer a supplemental software called AccountLinx.

AccountLinx connects directly to your ExakTime Connect database to pull time records and readies them for export based on your accounting package.

In order to export, you must select an Exporter compatible with your accounting package. AccountLinx offers a wide variety of compatible exporters and direct connections to accounting packages including QuickBooks, Sage, and Paychex as well as a raw text exporter capable of producing a .csv for simple importing.

If you would like to learn how to export time from AccountLinx, you can refer to the following dedicated article.


Creating every Employee, Location (Job), or Cost Code (work, tasks, activity) from scratch can be a tedious task depending on quantity. ExakTime offers SyncLinx, a software that allows users to pull the aforementioned information from their accounting packages into ExakTime Connect to assist with populating the employee, location, and cost code lists.

If you would like to learn how to import data from SyncLinx, you can refer to the following dedicated article.


Available to Connect and Legacy customers, SyncCenter collects records from FastTrakker Pros* and syncs it to the user's ExakTime Connect database. It was formerly known as SyncCenter II and is a replacement for RemoteLinx. It uses a simplistic user interface similar to ExakTime Mobile.

*The FastTrakker Pro has been sunset and is no longer supported. If you currently use one, it may work for the foreseeable future, but will not be replaced.

For more information, see: Installing SyncCenter or SyncCenter for ExakTime Connect

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