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Adding Goal Sections to a Form

Sections to manage current and upcoming goals can be added to an Evaluation for employees and/or managers to address.

  • An employee's current goals can be presented for the individual or manager to rate and/or comment on a goal. 
  • Upcoming goals can also be set by the employee and/or manager. 

Only competency ratings feed into Succession Planning and populate the overall performance score.

Navigating to Section Settings to Add Goal Sections
  • Go to Performance Admin in the menu bar and click Add/Edit Evaluations from your Performance module.


  • Click  ...  under the Action column and click Questions.


  • Click Section Settings towards the top-left. 



Enable "Include Section to Manage Goals" to show two additional options. This option must be enabled if you are planning to include goals as part of your evaluation. There are two additional options that can be enabled:

  • Manage Current Goals - This will pull in the goals that the employee has been working on in the past year (or whatever the time period may be). This gives the opportunity for the individual and/or the manager to rate and/or add comments about the goals the employee has been working on.
    • Please note that the evaluation will pull in the goals based on the assignment date. The assignment date of the evaluation must be between the start date and the end date of the goal.
  • Manage Upcoming Goals - This allows the employee and/or manager to set the goals for the coming year. If the employee enters goals, the manager has the ability to update/change/delete what the employee has entered.
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