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Add an Evaluation for Performance

Performance Evaluations can be used to gain anonymous feedback (360 Evaluation), provide feedback to an individual that does not report to you, but is working on a project for you (Project Evaluation), or to evaluate and document an employee’s job performance (Standard Evaluation).

Navigating to Adding an Evaluation
  • Go to Performance Admin in the menu bar and click Add/Edit Evaluations from your Performance module.


  • Click Add Evaluation Form to create a new evaluation or click  ...  under the Action column and click Copy to copy and edit an existing evaluation.



  • Form Title - This is what is seen by all users when referencing this form, such as from the evaluation list or email notifications. It can also be useful to have the year of the evaluation form in the title as there are typically year-to-year changes. This can help from an employee history and from a maintenance perspective.


  • Form ID - An optional field for you to enter a unique identifier for your forms/evaluations. 


  • Form Type


    • 360 Evaluation - Meant for anonymous feedback surveys used in the 360 Evaluations section.  Refer to the 360 Evaluations section for more information on 360 Evaluations.
    • Project - Intended to allow someone who is not the manager of an individual to fill out an evaluation for the individual and submit it to the individual's manager. Refer to the Project Review section for more information.
    • Standard - Typical Performance Evaluations.
  • Form Logo URL - Logos cannot be uploaded directly into evaluations. A URL link to the logo must be entered in this field.


  • Form Instructions - These instructions will appear at the top of the evaluation for the person completing the form. This can range from special notes from the HR team, to an in-depth description of how the rating scale is to be used, or the mission and vision of the company. The Form Instructions will appear before the questions.


  • Advanced Settings - If the "Standard" form type was selected, the Advanced Settings will appear as options. 


    • Require Signoff - If enabled, each person in the assigned evaluation process is required to enter their PIN as their digital signature upon completion of the form. If this is not checked, there will be a button at the bottom of the screen that says, 'Save as Complete'. There is no date or time stamp for the signature.
    • Require Employee Signoff on Manager Evaluation - If enabled, the employee PIN is required to be entered before the manager is able to finalize the evaluation.
    • Require Manager Post Approval - If enabled, the Manager of the Employee's Manager needs to approve the evaluation prior to the Manager meeting with their employee. For example, your Manager's leader needs to approve the evaluation before your Manager can meet with you.
    • Include Salary in Header - Not currently available for use.
    • Include Score on Evaluation - If enabled, will calculate an overall score from all the ratings selected for an employee at the bottom of the evaluation.
    • Reports
      • Combined Self/Manager Evaluation Report - The final evaluation PDF will show the combined, self, and manager comments.
      • Standard Evaluation - Shows only the manager version of the performance evaluation on the completed PDF form.
  • Custom Styling - This provided text field allows you to add your own CSS (custom style sheet) for the evaluation. You will require the assistance of your IT professional, marketing, or web developer to customize the look and feel of your evaluation, such as making the buttons on the evaluation larger so it would be easier to complete the evaluation on a smartphone or tablet. 


  • Additional Approvers - This option will appear if you have selected the "Standard" form type. Used to add anyone else that may need to approve the form after the manager has completed their part before meeting with the employee. 


    • Approvers can be added by selecting them from the list using the checkboxes and clicking Save. You can click and drag the  ═  icon towards the left of an approver's name to reorder them.
    • The approvals process will go through the order in that they are set up here. 
    • Up to 99 additional approvers can be assigned.
    • If used in combination with the 'Require Manager post approval' option, these approvals will occur after the initial manager approval. Additional approvers cannot edit the evaluation, but they can make suggestions in a comment field and accept or reject the evaluation.
    • If the evaluation is rejected by an additional approver, it will notify the manager to review the comments made and make applicable changes.

All Evaluation forms will automatically include the following fields at the top of the form: Employee Name, Employee ID, Evaluation Date (assignment date), Job Title, and Date of Hire.

What's Next?

After creating your evaluation, you can create sections to help organize the questions you are adding/editing.

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