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Adding or Editing Evaluation Questions

Questions can be created from scratch or copied from an existing evaluation form. The most common types of questions used are dropdowns, text boxes, radio buttons, and radio button matrix.

A new question can be added to a new form and an existing form that has not been assigned. New questions cannot be added to an evaluation that has already been assigned, but questions can be edited after assigned.

Your questions can be added to a section to help organize your content for a cohesive presentation.

Navigating to Add/Edit Evaluation Questions
  • Go to Performance Admin in the menu bar and click Add/Edit Evaluations from your Performance module.


  • Click  ...  under the Action column and click Questions.


Add Questions

Click New Questions towards the top-left of the page. A menu should open.


Select Question Type

Select the Question Type with the drop-down menu. If you want to copy a question from an existing evaluation, you can refer to the following section.


  • Drop Down Rating Scale - This creates a list of items and uses a drop-down scale to rate each item. Add in a min/max value for the rating scale and assign/align it with a Competency within the drop-down.
  • Text Box - Creates a single line for data entry. Intended for 7-10 words.
  • Radio Button - A single-choice radio button display. Display options are vertical or horizontal.
  • Text Area - Creates an area box on the screen to enter text.
  • Radio Button Matrix - Create a matrix with items to be rated on the left and a scale displayed across the top.
    • For example, group your competencies, such as Decision Making, as the Category. There are then 3-5 questions pertaining to Decision Making. Set up your choices, like your rating in words (for example, a 1 rating is "Needs Improvement") and add in a value with the number. The choice value will not be seen by the employee. Set up the rows with questions and associate them with a Competency.
  • Drop Down - Single choice drop-down menu.
  • Numeric Text Box - Creates a single line box for numeric values only
  • 360 Rating Question Drop-Down - Used with 360's only.
  • 360 Rating Question Radio Button - Used with 360's only.

After selecting the question type, the menu will change to set up your question. 

Setting Up Question

Question Fields


  • Question Instructions - Optional and helpful when detailing a section, adding the definition to a rating scale, or including any type of visuals like a workflow.
  • Questions - Optional and will be displayed as the question on the evaluation form. The best practice is to populate the "Questions" section" as it will be displayed as the question on an Evaluation form. can take on any look and feel by using the HTML authoring components within the question section. Additional formatting options: Add in HTML by selecting the HTML option or copy and paste information into the space.
  • Both Question Instructions and Questions can be visually adjusted with HTML. Mouse over options/images to view what they can do.

Additional Question Settings


  • Make Question Active - Enabled by Default. If disabled, the question will not display on the evaluation form.
  • Make Question Required - If enabled, the question must be completed before moving on in the form. This setting is not encouraged as it:
    • Can typically generate more questions from the employees when they are filling it out.
    • Evaluations do not currently return the employee to a requested question in the form.
  • Make Entire Question Text Bold - Enabled by default. Not typically recommended as it can cause confusion if this option is disabled while the question text is bold, or vice-versa.
  • Create Page Break After Question - Allows you to create a multi-page evaluation. If you have a lengthy evaluation form, this can help break things up and so the employee does not have to keep scrolling through the evaluation. 
    • For example, if you want goals on one page, competencies on another, and any open-ended questions on another page, use the page break option to split these accordingly.
    • If using Page Breaks, be sure to test it before officially using the evaluation to ensure the page break is working as intended.
  • Hide question on Self Form - If enabled, this question can only be filled out by the manager. Keep in mind that this can also be done for a Section as well. Once an evaluation is finalized, questions and comments will show on manager employee version.


  • Competency - the drop-down options are populated from the Add/Edit Competencies. Once a competency has been selected, the definition from the Add/Edit Competencies will auto populate the Question field. The score associated to the competency will auto populate the employee's information within the Succession Planning module.
  • Question ID and Category - Optional fields and are not utilized elsewhere in the system.
  • Question Type - Auto-populated with the question type selected when adding the question. This will also show up on the main question screen under the Question Type column.

Additional Question Options

Depending on the "Question Type" selected, you may see additional options:

Text Box Question Type Options


Row - This is the value that appears for the person on the evaluation form. This does not have to be a number. Descriptions are most often entered here. (ex: Exceeds Expectations, Meets Expectations, Below Expectations).

An example of a text box question has been provided below:


Radio Button and Drop Down Question Type Options


Row - This is the value that appears for the person on the evaluation form. This does not have to be a number. Most often, companies will put a description (ex: Exceeds Expectations, Meets Expectations, Below Expectations).

Row Value - This is the 'Score' that the person gets if that is the answer selected. This score is also how Succession knows what the score is for each person related to competencies. This is also reported in the summary at the bottom of the evaluation if the 'Overall Score' is turned on.

An example of a radio button question has been provided below:


Radio Button Matrix Question Type Options


Choice - Choices are seen by your employees and are used to create a rating scale (i.e. Exceptional Performance, Successful Performance, Developing Performance, Not Meeting Performance Expectations). 

Choice Value - Exceptional Performance, Successful Performance, Developing Performance, Not Meeting Performance Expectations)

Row - Rows are seen by your employees and are used to identify what is being rated on (i.e. Positive, friendly attitude; Communicates well with clients; Committed to the Company's success). 

Competency - The Competency that the Row applies to.

An example of a radio button matrix question has been provided below:


Saving Your Question

Click Save to save your question.

Questions must be added to a section on the evaluation form. By default, the questions will be added to the bottom of a section after initially saving.

Copying a Question

You can copy a question from another evaluation form to help speed up your question creation process. 

  • Instead of selecting your question type, select an existing Evaluation.


  • Click the checkbox towards the left of a question(s) to be copied. Click Save when finished.


Editing Questions and Order

Editing a Question

Click the pencil.png button towards the right of a question to edit the question. The question type cannot be edited. Click the trash-alt-solid.png button to delete the question.


Move the Order of Questions

Press the Up and Down arrows under the Move column to reorder questions within a section.


Move Questions to a New Section

  1. Click the checkbox towards the left of a question(s) to be moved.
  2. Use the drop-down menu towards the top-right to select the destination section.


Previewing Your Questions

Once an evaluation has been set up, you can use the "Preview" option in the Action menu to see what your evaluation will look like.


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