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Adding or Editing Competencies

Competencies can be used with your Evaluation form to better understand how competent an employee is at a certain aspect and if they could use improvement. 

We have a number of pre-built competencies that can be modified or added to.

Navigating to Competencies
  • Go to Performance Admin in the menu bar and click Add/Edit Competencies from your Performance module.



Add a Competency

All fields are required.

  • Click New Item....


  • Set up your competency with the provided fields. All fields are required.


    • Competency - This is the name of the Competency and will appear in the drop-down competency menu when you create a question and tie it to a competency.
    • Description - This will appear within the question text for a question within an evaluation when the competency has been selected for a question.
    • Score Card - This Score Card menu is used to create the rating scale. The colors, red, yellow, and green will give managers and administrators a visual within Succession Planning of their high versus low performers. The number score will be included in the visual, while the colors can make it easier to view at a glance.
      • You can different values to emphasize the importance of one competency over another. For example, the green values for safety are in a much slimmer range than it is for communication because safety is so important in a particular industry.
  • Click Save when finished.

After creating the competency, it can be associated with a question for your evaluation.

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