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Evaluation Administration for Performance

Evaluation Administration is a tool for Administrators to manage Evaluation assignments. Once an evaluation has been assigned, the assignment will be viewable from the Evaluation Administration page where an Admin can delete, view, reopen it, and more.

Navigating to Evaluation Administration
  • Go to Performance Admin in the menu bar and click Evaluation Administration from your Performance module.


Understanding Evaluation Administration Page


  1. The search field towards the top-left allows you to search for an Evaluation name, the name of the ratee (Employee), or rater (Manager).
  2. The "Show Finalized" toggle allows you to include completed Evaluations on the page or your search.
  3. Under the "Evaluation Name" section, all currently assigned evaluations will be listed. Clicking the arrow icon towards the left of "Evaluation Name" will allow you to display all current Evaluation assignments based on your search criteria if any. 


Each assigned Evaluation will show who the ratee and rater are for the evaluation. This should match up with the Assignment Type listed for the assigned Evaluation.

  • For a Self-Evaluation, the ratee and rater are the same.
  • For a Manager evaluation, the Employee is the ratee and the Manager is the rater. 



Each assigned evaluation has an Action menu that can be accessed by clicking ....

  • Delete - This will delete that specific assignment as though it never happened.
    • *This can sometimes be useful in cleaning up test data since an evaluation that has been assigned cannot be edited.
  • View Form, - The View Form menu has two tabs: View Form and Manage Workflow.

View Form Tab

This allows the Admin to view the form as it has been filled out. They will be able to see the answers and responses that have been given by the employee/manager on that form.


Manage Workflow Tab

Allows the admin to update the individual who is assigned to a certain step in the process. They will only be allowed to edit the individual who is currently set to complete the evaluation.

  • This can be helpful if a manager is out on leave and someone else needs to complete the review. This should not be used if this person has the incorrect manager assignments in their profile. This should be fixed in their profile, and the system will automatically route to the new manager.
  • If a Manager is updated in the user's profile, the evaluation will automatically route to the new manager. If the old manager had completed any portion of the evaluation, the new manager will be able to see those comments/ratings, but the new manager is able to make changes as appropriate.


Reopening a Completed Evaluation

  • If you have the "Show Finalized" option enabled, you will see another section under 'Evaluation Name' with finalized evaluations.


  • Click ... and click Reopen to reopen the Evaluation to the person who is the ratee for that Evaluation. This means you can reopen an evaluation at both the manager as well as self level. 


  • Confirm that you want to reopen the Evaluation. The Evaluation will then continue through the normal routing process.


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