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Setting Up Evaluation Sections

Sections for Evaluations are used to help organize questions that pertain to certain values/categories, such as Core Values, Key Competencies, Goals, etc.

New sections and existing sections can be edited from the Questions page of an Evaluation. 

Sections can only be added to Evaluations that have not been assigned.

After you create your section(s), you can add your questions to the respective section(s).

Navigating to Section Settings
  • Go to Performance Admin in the menu bar and click Add/Edit Evaluations from your Performance module.


  • Click  ...  under the Action column and click Questions.


  • Click Section Settings towards the top-left. 


Considerations for Creating Sections

When creating a section, it can help to consider a few things such as:

  • How many sections will the evaluation have?
  • How will those sections be weighted, if at all?
  • Do you want each section to have a score?
  • Should the employee see all sections, or should some sections be hidden?

If you have an evaluation form that needs to be used between different departments, it can help to create a "master" evaluation form that can be reused with minor alterations. This will allow an evaluation to be consistent for general questions, but allow you to make changes for specific departments with minimal work.

Understanding Sections Settings


The Section Settings can be used to create sections within the Evaluation and give weights to those sections. For an Evaluation, each section will display an average score in real-time. After all the answers are completed, the overall score will be calculated and displayed at the bottom of the evaluation, along with the calculated scores for each of the sections. Scores will only display on evaluations if the option “Include Scores on Evaluations” is enabled on the Evaluation Details page.

Each section has a Section Score field for displaying the average score for that section. The table at the bottom of the evaluation displays weighted calculations determined as follows:

  • Individual Section Score = Average Section Score X Assigned Section Weight
  • Overall Weighted Score = Sum of Individual Section Scores

Creating a New Section

The section settings will offer several various options and fields.

Section Options


  • Include Section to Manage Goals - This option must be enabled if you are planning to include goals as part of your evaluation. Two options can be enabled:
    • Manage Current Goals - This will pull in the goals that the employee has been working on in the past year (or whatever the time period may be). This gives the opportunity for the individual and/or the manager to rate and/or add comments about the goals the employee has been working on.
      • Please note that the evaluation will pull in the goals based on the assignment date. The assignment date of the evaluation must be between the start date and the end date of the goal.
    • Manage Upcoming Goals - This allows the employee and/or manager to set the goals for the coming year. If the employee enters goals, the manager has the ability to update/change/delete what the employee has entered.

Adding a New Section

  • Click New Section to add a new section to the evaluation.


  • Additional fields/options to complete beneath the table of existing sections.


    • Section Name - The name of the section will appear on the evaluation. For example, the section name could be Core Values, Developmental Competencies, etc.
    • Section Weight - The overall score of the evaluation can be weighted by section. For example, the competencies of the evaluation are 70% of the score and the goals are 30% of the score. The system will require the section weights to add up to 100%.
    • Hide Section on Self Form - If enabled, the section will be hidden on the employee self-evaluation.
    • Section Instructions - Allows you to enter a message that is at the top of the section.
  • Click Save when finished. Repeat as necessary to create other sections.

Editing Sections

  • Click the pencil.png icon to edit an existing section. Click the trash-alt-solid.png icon to delete a section.


  • Use the arrows on the right of the section listings to adjust the order of how the sections appear on the evaluation form.


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