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Managing your Evaluations

Navigating to your Evaluations
  • Go to Performance Admin in the menu bar and click Add/Edit Evaluations from your Performance module.



The following actions can be found by clicking the ... button to the right of the evaluation under the Action column.

  • Evaluation Details - Manage/edit the details of the evaluation. 
    • The details of the evaluation can be changed AFTER an evaluation has been assigned. The exception being you cannot change a standard evaluation to a project evaluation once the manage goals section exists on the form.
    • For more information about evaluation details, you can refer to the following article about adding an evaluation.
  • Questions - Add and edit the questions for the evaluation form.
    • Questions cannot be added to or deleted from an evaluation form after it has been assigned. The exception is that questions already on the evaluation can be edited.
    • For more information about evaluation questions, you can refer to the following dedicated article.
  • Copy - Copy and edit an evaluation. Copying an evaluation will add "Copy of" to the beginning of the evaluation name. You can then add or edit question(s) on the copy form. 
  • Preview - Review the evaluation form before assigning it to an employee. As a best practice, it is also recommended to run a test with test users to review the evaluation and workflow and make sure it is set up and performing correctly before going a final assignment is made.


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