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SyncCenter for ExakTime Connect

 FastTrakker Pro Sunset

The FastTrakker Pro has been sunset and is no longer available or supported. We will keep this resource available for the foreseeable future for self-support.
Please contact your account manager for alternative options.

SyncCenter for ExakTime Connect allows you to connect your FastTrakker Pro to your computer to sync your collected records with your ExakTime Connect account.

You can also collect from JobClock/EX and JobClock Hornets with ExakTime Mobile on Android devices via bluetooth. This will allow any of your employees to collect the records from the field and sent them over the internet to your ExakTime Connect account.

For more information, please refer to the following article: How To Collect Records From A JobClock With An Android Device

To begin, download and install SyncCenter from the link here and install the application. If you would like a step-by-step guide on the installation of SyncCenter, you can refer to our article here: Installing SyncCenter for ExakTime Connect

  1. Upon opening SyncCenter for the first time, click Get Started.


  2. On the following window, click Activate.


  3. On the following window, you will be asked for your Activation Code. This can be obtained from your ExakTime Connect account on the Dashboard or from the Mobile Devices area under Manage.



  4. You will receive a confirmation if the Activation Code is valid.


  5. Continue through the setup and click Sync.


  6. When the Sync is successful you will see a button labeled Let's Go! Press it when ready.


  7. The following page will be the default screen you will see when you open SyncCenter. You can plug in your FastTrakker Pro, as usual, to sync your collected records to your ExakTime Connect system.


Please Note:

If the FastTrakker Pro has been assigned to an inactive employee, you will receive a message indicating an error. The records will be synced to ExakTime Connect, but the FastTrakker Pro will not be updated until the inactive employee is made active. When you can update your FastTrakker Pro, you can reassign it to another active employee.

Syncing Your FastTrakker Pro

Once SyncCenter has been installed and your FastTrakker Pro has collected records from your JobClocks, you are now ready to sync the records with your ExakTime Connect system.

  • While SyncCenter is open, connect your FastTrakker Pro to your computer with a Mini USB cable.


  • Once SyncCenter detects the FastTrakker Pro, it will pull the records from the FastTrakker Pro.


  • You will return to the main screen of SyncCenter where you will see an indicator of how many records, you will receive an indicator of how many records are ready to be sent. Press Sync.



  • You should now be able to review the employees hours from ExakTime Connect.

Updating/Syncing Manually Your FastTrakker Pro

Normally when you plug in your FastTrakker Pro into your PC while SyncCenter is open, it will pull any collections off the FastTrakker Pro and update the date/time on the FastTrakker Pro to the same date/time on your PC.

You can also do this manually with the below steps.

  • With SyncCenter plugged into your PC, press FastTrakker in the bottom left.


  • Press Update. SyncCenter will begin to connect to the FastTrakker Pro.


  • Once SyncCenter successfully connects to your FastTrakker Pro, you can adjust the employee it is assigned to as needed.


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