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Clocking In/Out and Changing Your Location and/or Cost Code with Keytabs & JobClocks

Clocking in/out on a JobClock is a quick and painless process. All that it requires is a set of assigned keytabs and working assigned JobClock(s).

  • Tap the metal tip of the appropriate keytab to the metal touchplate of your JobClock. You should hear a quick chime/chirp that indicates your time punch was accepted.
    • If your JobClock does not make a chime/chirp sound, make sure that there are flashing lights around the touchplate. If there are no lights, the JobClock may not have power and will need the battery replaced if using a JobClock EX/LE or JobClock Hornet, or recharged if using a JobClock Hornet. 


  • If you need to change your location or cost code, all you need to do is use the appropriate keytab on a JobClock to create a new time punch based on the location the JobClock is assigned to and/or the cost code the keytab is assigned to.
    • You do not use your "Stop" keytab to change your location/cost code. Clocking in with a different keytab/jobclock is enough to create a new time punch and time record. 


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