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Guide to JobClock/EX and LE Hardware

The JobClock/EX and LE are physical devices that record punches created by employees using a keytab. The record punches can be collected from a JobClock/EX with a FastTrakker Pro or Android device. If using a JobClock/LE, you can collect with an Android or an iOS device.

Hardware & Differences



  1. Status Lights - With a working battery, there will be up to 2 lights flashing, red and green. The lights will flash a certain pattern to indicate the status. For the JobClock/EX, this window will also contain the IR sensor for use with a FastTrakker Pro.
  2. Bluetooth Light - A blue light will flash when the Bluetooth of the JobClock/EX or JobClock/LE is enabled to allow collections from a supported device running JobClock Reader. The Bluetooth will turn off on its own after one minute.



  1. Allen Screw - The allen screw is used to secure the backplate to the body of the JobClock. The size of the allen key required is 1/16". 
  2. Serial Number - The serial number located under the bar code is used when setting up your JobClock with your ExakTime Connect account.
  3. Light Pattern Legend - A legend for any light patterns on the front of the JobClock.

Model Differences

The key differences between the JobClock/EX and LE are the color of the plastic at the front and collection methods.

  • The JobClock/EX can be collected with a FastTrakker Pro or Android device.
  • The JobClock/LE can be collected with an Android device or iOS device.


Light Patterns

The JobClock/EX and LE have a set of red and green lights that will flash a certain light pattern to indicate the status.

Flashing Green Light

JobClock is working with a good battery.


Alternating Flashing Red & Green Light

Low JobClock battery. Replace the Lithium 123 battery as soon as possible.


Simultaneous Flashing Red & Green Light

Verify the date and time of the JobClock by performing a collection with a FastTrakker Pro or JobClock Reader from a supported device.


Replacing the Battery

The JobClock/EX and LE are powered by a Lithium 123 battery which will generally last you 6 months and is located behind the backplate of the unit.

  1. Loosen the allen screw with the included allen key on the back to allow the backplate to rotate counter-clockwise (the allen screw does not have to be fully removed). The size of allen key required is 1/16". 
  2. With the backplate removed, the battery will be exposed. Below the battery will be a speaker. We recommend covering the speaker with your finger to muffle the speaker as inserting a working battery will trigger the JobClock to emit a loud noise. Remove the battery and insert the new battery. 
  3. Rescrew the backplate and tighten the allen screw.
  4. You must collect from the JobClock with a supported device to set the current date and time. Not collecting off the JobClock after inserting the battery can cause issues with future clock ins/outs.

Turning On Bluetooth

On your JobClock hardware, activate the Bluetooth by holding your keytab to the touchplate as if you were clocking in, but continue to hold it for 5-10 seconds.

  • You may hear a beep as if you are clocking in, DO NOT move your keytab.
  • When you see a blue light and an audio tone, the Bluetooth has been activated. You can now pull your keytab away.
  • The Bluetooth will be active for about 1 minute, then turn off automatically. As long as the blue light is on, Bluetooth is active.

EX LE Sound.png

For assistance with collecting records with an Android phone, please refer to the following article:

Collecting from Your Jobclock/EX or Jobclock Hornet via Bluetooth

For assistance with collecting records from a JobClock/LE with an Android or iOS device, please refer to the following article:

Collecting from Your Jobclock/LE or JobClock Hornet via Bluetooth

Troubleshooting your JobClock

If you encounter any issues with using your JobClock, you can refer to the following dedicated article for assistance.

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