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How to Emergency Recollect From a JobClock with ExakTime Mobile

The Emergency Recollection option is only available for the Android version of ExakTime Mobile/JobClock Reader

El siguiente artículo está también disponible en Español, en caso que usted lo prefiera: (Español) Cómo Colectar de Emergencia Registros de los Empleados de un Reloj de Trabajo (JobClock) con ExakTime Mobile

Emergency Recollect is a function of JobClock Reader on Android which allows you to recollect records that have already been collected. When a record is collected, it is marked as so to prevent the device from collecting the same data again. Emergency recollect ignores this and will allow you to recollect any records with a touch date within the last two weeks, one month, or two months.

  • Emergency Recollect can be accessed within ExakTime Mobile/JobClock Reader by pressing JobClock Reader above the PIN pad.


  • Press Advanced.


  • Press Emergency Recollect.


  • Select the appropriate date range you wish to recollect.


  • When ready, press Recollect Now at the bottom to begin collecting as normal.


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