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Collecting from Your JobClock/LE & Hornets via Bluetooth

The JobClock/LE is one of our latest JobClock models that allow you to collect with an Android or iOS device. For the purposes of this article, we will collect with an iOS device, but you can also collect from your JobClock/LE (the JobClock/LE will have bright yellow plastic on the unit) or JobClock Hornet (Serial Number begins with 62 or 64) with an Android device.

El siguiente artículo está también disponible en Español, en caso que usted lo prefiera: (Español) Recolectando Registros de Trabajo de los Empleados de un JobClock/LE & Hornets a través de Bluetooth

JobClock/LE and ExakTime Connect

Before you collect from your JobClock/LE or Hornet, the JobClock/LE or Hornet must already be added to ExakTime Connect. If you have not yet done this, you can refer to the following article for assistance: How to Add Your JobClock or Hornet

Installing and Setting Up ExakTime Mobile

If you have not yet installed and setup ExakTime Mobile, you can refer to the following article: Installing ExakTime Mobile for JobClock Reader



  • JobClock/LE or JobClock Hornet (Serial Number begins with 6200XXXX)
  • Android or iOS device with:
    • Internet Access (via Cellular data or Wi-Fi)
    • Bluetooth Capability
  • ExakTime Mobile
  • Any Keytab (Color does not matter and does not have to be associated with any employee.)

How to Collect from Your JobClock

  1. On your JobClock/LE, activate the Bluetooth by holding your keytab to the touchplate as if you were clocking in, but continue to hold it for 5-10 seconds after it has beeped. The keytab you use for this does not have to be assigned to anyone.
    • You may hear a beep as if you are clocking in, DO NOT move your keytab.
    • When you see a blue light and an audio tone, the Bluetooth has been activated. You can now pull your keytab away.
    • The Bluetooth will be active for about 1 minute, then turn off automatically. As long as the blue light is on, Bluetooth is active.

    LE and Hornet Sound.png

  2. After the Bluetooth has been activated on your JobClock/LE, open ExakTime Mobile on your Android or iOS device.
  3. At the PIN pad screen, press the JobClock Reader button.
    • The JobClock Reader button will not be available until you have added a compatible JobClock to the Exaktime Connect system (JobClock/LE or JobClock Hornet (Serial Number begins with 6200XXXX or 6400XXXX)) and ExakTime Mobile has synced with your ExakTime system.
  4. With the Bluetooth activated on your JobClock/LE, press Collect.
  5. JobClock Reader will try to connect to the JobClock/LE. Once it has connected, it will read any records, collect them, then disconnect from the JobClock/LE.
  6. After it has been collected from the JobClock/LE, it will indicate how many records were collected and the battery status.
  7. When ready, press SYNC to send the records to your ExakTime Connect account.


Updating Date & Time of JobClock

If the date/time of the JobClock is not consistent with the date/time of the collection device, JobClock Reader will prompt the collector if they want to update the date/time of the JobClock to match with the collector device or keep the date/time of the JobClock. We generally advise that the collector use the date/time of the collector device as it is the most accurate date/time available and to ensure that the JobClock has the correct date/time.

Emergency Recollect

After your records have been collected, they are marked as "Collected" on the JobClock so you don't recollect them in the future. If you do need to recollect previously collected records, you can use the Emergency Recollect function from Android versions of ExakTime Mobile & JobClock Reader. iOS does not currently offer Emergency Recollect functionality. 

Refer to the following article on how to emergency recollect with ExakTime Mobile & JobClock Reader.


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