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Installing SyncCenter

 FastTrakker Pro Sunsetting

The FastTrakker Pro will be sunset in the near future and will no longer be available or supported.
Please contact your account manager for alternate options.

SyncCenter for ExakTime Connect is an application that you can install on a compatible Windows-based PC that allows you to connect your FastTrakker Pro to your computer to sync your collected records with your ExakTime Connect account.

This article details the installation of SyncCenter, for the use of SyncCenter, please refer to the following article: SyncCenter for ExakTime Connect

The following steps will go over a brand new installation, but can also be used when updating/upgrading SyncCenter to a new version.

Installing SyncCenter

  1. To begin, download and install SyncCenter from the link here.
    • If you are using Google Chrome, your download for SyncLinx will appear in the bottom left. Click on the arrow to reveal your options, and click Open.


    • If using Mozilla Firefox, click Save File. Once the file has finished downloading, you will be able to open it from the Download icon by clicking on the file.



    • If using Microsoft Edge, press Run.


  2. Click Next to begin.


  3. If you see the following message:
    • "This installation may require additional dependencies. Without its dependencies, ExakTime SyncCenter may not work correctly. Would you like to find the original SyncCenter.exe?"

    you can press NO on this window and continue the installation.


  4. If you accept our license agreement, click the button next to "I accept the terms in the license agreement" and click Next.


  5. You can select the folder that ExakTime SyncCenter will install into. By default, it will go to "C:\Program Files (X86)\ExakTime\SyncCenter\". You can click Change... if you want to install to a different folder. Click Next when finished.


  6. Select if you want ExakTime SyncCenter to automatically open when Windows starts. By default, it will be checked on. Click Next when finished.


  7. If you are okay with your previous selections, press Install.


  8. If you see the following message:
    • "The installation of Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Update 1 Redistributable Package (X64) appears to have failed. Do you want to continue with the installation?"

    you can press Yes. It commonly appears if you already have Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Update 1 Redistributable Package (X64) installed on your computer.


  9. After the installation has completed, you will have the option to launch SyncCenter. Click Finish to complete your installation and begin using SyncCenter.


  10. If you are setting up SyncCenter for the first time, you can refer to our article for assistance: SyncCenter for ExakTime Connect
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