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Adjusting Your Devices for Daylight Saving Time


ExakTime hardware and software need to be adjusted for Daylight Saving Time (DST) on the second Sunday of March and the first Sunday of November to ensure accurate time punches and mitigate any manual corrections.

To begin, ensure that you have set up the appropriate time zone for the home office within ExakTime Connect. The following article goes into detail with setting this up: Time Zone & Daylight Saving Settings

Please note: If employees are working during the DST time change, this will require manual adjustment on the employees respective time card.

Devices/Software That Update Automatically:

*JobClock Hornets and JobClock/EX & LEs will attempt to automatically adjust, but depending on your ExakTime Connect time zone settings, may not. More details can be found in their corresponding articles.

Devices That Must Be Manually Updated:

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